Free typing lessons online

Do you want to learn typing without looking at the keyboard?

We can teach you how to type very quick - in one day you will be beginner touch-typist!

Register yourself (we need to keep track of your results) and start learning how to type today! But first, watch this typing instruction video to learn basics of touch typing.

Typing Lesson Results

We offer 60 typing lessons in English and 50 lessons in Russian, created with professional teachers and psychologists to make the learning process smooth, enjoyable and efficient. When you achieve required results of all 60 typing lessons and pass the final exam you will receive online typing certificate.

If you not sure if you like our tutorial then try first our demo lesson and then decide if you want to continue.

Keyboarding in classroom

Are you teacher and looking for online typing tutorial to teach typing in your computer classes?

    You have found one!
  • You can create unlimited typing classes;
  • Add unlimited students in each typing class;
  • Track and grade all students' results from one central dashboard;
  • Create own custom typing courses for different levels of students;
  • No advertisement will be displayed to students in typing lessons!

Many K12 schools in the USA are using our typing tutorial in their keyboarding classes as a leading online tutorial. Learn more about typing classes, number of teachers and students using our typing tutorial and how to start in this page - Typing classes for schools

What else we can offer?

Free typing games

More than 100 free typing games are at your disposal! Our typing games can be played online without downloading or even being registered. Every game is actually a typing test with an added fun factor which distinguishes it from the boring conventional typing tests.

Free typing test

We are revising our typing tests - soon it will get changed: after successfully finishing typing test you will receive a typing certificate! Like our Facebook page and watch the news!

Free typing certificate online

To receive free typing certificate you need complete requirement results of all 60 typing lessons and then pass the final exam.

Currently we are revising this approach - you will be able to receive your typing certificate only passing the final exam without spending time to take full typing course. Check us out later!

Russian Typing Lessons

You can also learn typing in Russian keyboard. We offer 50 typing lessons in one standard Russian typing course:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Go to My Profile page
  3. Change Course language from ENGLISH to RUSSIAN
  4. Click Update