This site has revolutionized the way that I now type. I highly recommend it. It works very well and will be of great use to you.
widlu dieujuste
Freedom High School Tampa FL

This site is awesome and it has been a great help for me, and now i am prepared for my EDPM practicals touch typing exams in the Caribbean, i'm sure to pass, all thanks to this website, now i can type very well with a good speed!! i recommend this site for those who're stuck on two fingers, you will be impressed with yourself after a while using this site.
kisslyn echelon joseph patterson
The Anglican High School, Grenada

I like this website because it helps me by typing faster
Dakota B Student
scranton high school

This is a very good website, but I'm starting to learn better. Thanks Mrs. White for finding this website
Mclane Middle School

This online typing is very helpful to me as a student. It gives me the focus to keep going on with the games and the test.
TJ Lewis Student
Beverly Magnet School

Alfatyping has helped me a lot to improve my typing skills and now I can type faster then before with the correct method.
shalini doraisingam Student

A very good program for teachers and for their students. I support this very much. Good thing I found this site. :)
Jeriel Landingin Teacher

This is a very helpful, website/program for kid or even adults who want to know how to type. It's really easy and FUN! I do recommend this website.
kristine aklyan
Millikan Middle School

This website has helped me to type faster and has helped me to not have to look at the keyboard the whole the whole time that I am typing.
Kaytlyn Rose Student
Wiley Middle School

I am so glad my technology teacher let's us on Alfa Typing. I have become a way better typer and can finally type instead of pecking over the keyboard. I am also happy that I can now type at 32 words per minute so that I can reply to my messages on Facebook faster Thanks Mrs. Greene your the best Tech teacher in the U.S

William wong
Wong Kar Juinn

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