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Our speed test will help you to test your real typing speed. We have 3 free typing tests online:

  • Touch Typing Speed Test
  • Numbers & Symbols Typing Speed Test
  • Expert Touch Typing Speed Test
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Free typing lessons online

Welcome to, free typing lessons online for learning and practicing touch typing. Improve your typing skills by playing fun and free typing games online.

Many K12 schools in the United States have adopted our lessons in their keyboarding classes as a leading online tutorial. Our portal is comprised of 60 lessons in English, designed in collaboration with professional teachers and psychologists to make the learning typing smooth, enjoyable and efficient.

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About 50,000 lessons delivered daily and the rate has been increasing!

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Check out our demo lesson to get an idea of what it looks like and how it works.

Our free typing games can be played online without downloading. Every game is actually a free typing test with an added fun factor which distinguishes it from the boring conventional typing tests. Practice and improve typing by selecting among touch typing, numbers and symbols, expert touch typist and professional touch typist levels.

 Learn how to type through games and lessons that are created with the help of professional instructors as well as by utilizing the consultation from psychologists. Start right now with English typing tests, while we prepare to launch tests for other popular languages as well.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn to type like a pro. Have a look at the demo lesson to begin. 

Our free typing test is designed to test your real typing speed in different levels:

  • Touch Typing Test
  • Numbers & Symbols Test
  • Expert Touch Typing Test
  • Professional Touch Typing Test

Also, you can play free typing games to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

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